Den Oever, the Wadden Sea Gateway

Den Oever is located right at the Afsluitdijk, between the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. This makes Den Oever both the northern entrance to North Holland and a gateway to the Wadden Sea. As part of De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk, the aim of the project is to put this unique area on the map, by developing the economy and recreation in and around the village.


What is it?

Den Oever, the Wadden Sea Gateway, is one of the many projects with which we are rejuvenating the Afsluitdijk. To provide the village Den Oever with a boost, we have adopted a plan entitled ‘Development Document for Den Oever, the Wadden Sea Gateway’. This plan describes five subjects that are being tackled in Den Oever.

A number of subprojects are part of each subject. They will be specified during the period 2013 to 2020. You can find them in the diagram below. In all the subprojects, we are looking for a good balance between the fishing and (maritime) industry and tourism/recreation.




This project is part of De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk


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