Reinforcement of locks

The Afsluitdijk contains 2 navigation locks and 25 discharge sluices, which take care of the passage of shipping traffic and the drainage of water. The locks are part of the water-retaining structure and must comply with the safety standard, just like the dam itself. Currently the locks do not comply with the safety standard. This is why they will be reinforced.


What is it?

This project is about reinforcing the engineering structures on the Afsluitdijk. Engineering structures include bridges, locks and sluices. They are part of the water-retaining structure and must therefore meet the safety standard for water safety. This is not the case at the moment. This applies both to the discharge sluices and to the navigation locks at Den Oever and at Kornwerderzand. A discharge sluice is a sluice used to remove water from the IJsselmeer to the Wadden Sea. A navigation lock is a lock for ships, allowing them to pass the Afsluitdijk. For the discharge sluices, the gates used to open and close the sluices are currently not high enough. The discharge sluice in Kornwerderzand will also be reinforced along its width.

Navigation locks

For Den Oever we have decided to construct a new water-retaining structure in the lock approach, right in front of the existing navigation lock. For Kornwerderzand a plan is still being developed; it is closely connected to the region’s wish to widen the lock in addition to reinforcing it.



This project is part of Rijkswaterstaat.