Recreational development of the Monument

The Monument at the half-way point of the Afsluitdijk is the biggest crowd puller: this is where the dam was closed. This is where you experience the Afsluitdijk. It provides visitors with great views of the IJsselmeer. But we still want to offer visitors more. This is why we want to improve the existing facilities here.


What is it?

The Monument is currently the place that attracts the biggest crowds by some way: over 250,000 per year. That is the same number as the Kröller Müller Museum in the High Veluwe! This Monument – also called the Vlieter Monument – is built in the location where the dam was closed on 28 May 1932, and it is here that you can taste and feel the IJsselmeer. Climb the Monument’s tower using the spiral staircase and enjoy the beautiful view of the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea.

Every day many tourists from the Netherlands and abroad stop off at the Monument designed by the famous architect Dudok, even if the weather is poor. When the Monument was built, however, such large groups of visitors were never taken into account. The current lunchroom is located in what once was a technical area underneath the Monument, which means that the lunchroom and souvenir shop in the Monument’s basement do not have enough capacity for the many tourists.

De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk wants to offer future tourists more. We are also expecting the modernisation and expansion of the facilities to lead to more visitors who stay a little longer. This is why we want to give the Monument and its immediate vicinity a quality boost: existing paths and information facilities are expanded and upgraded. In consultation with the parties involved, we are also investigating whether the catering facilities can be significantly modernised and expanded.



This project is part of De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk


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