Recreational development of Kornwerderzand

Kornwerderzand is one of the most iconic locations on the Afsluitdijk with a rich history. It is also a key hub for road and shipping traffic. In this unique part of the Netherlands, several ambitions of De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk come together. In the future we want you to be able to experience all kinds of things here relating to the Afsluitdijk.


What is it?

Kornwerderzand is a key crossroads of road and shipping traffic: most of the shipping traffic in the north of the Netherlands towards the Wadden Sea runs via Kornwerderzand. The village has a special role in the history (origins) and the development of the Afsluitdijk. One example is the country’s defence during the Second World War. At the Casemates Museum you can learn everything about the special role played by the Afsluitdijk. At Kornwerderzand you can experience the panoramic views of the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer, at the boundary between land and sea.

Kornwerderzand is the key hub of the Afsluitdijk. Various ambitions converge here: the fitting of flow turbines for tidal currents, the Fish Migration River and the widening of the lock. In addition, Kornwerderzand is a place in which a lot is underway; it is a hub for road and shipping traffic, people visit the Casemates Museum, cyclists pass through Kornwerderzand during their bicycle tours of the dam, surfers and kite surfers go (kite) surfing on the IJsselmeer from the beach at Kornwerderzand.

Boost to tourism

We want to give Kornwerderzand a significant boost in tourism. The Experience Centre should become a crowd-puller in this context and should act as a portal for a visit to the navigation locks, the Casemates Museum or the Fish Migration River. Another ambition for Kornwerderzand is improving the camper van sites and berths for passing boats. Here you can stay for a short while to enjoy a fantastic sunrise or sunset on the boundary between land and sea.

Plans for Kornwerderzand

Several plans have been developed for Kornwerderzand with regard to recreation and tourism. These plans provide the building blocks for an integrated development plan for Kornwerderzand. All the projects currently underway in and around Kornwerderzand are combined in this plan.

By now the steering committee has announced its preference for the location of the Experience Centre: the current car park in Kornwerderzand. The accessibility of the Casemates Museum, the navigation lock and discharge sluice complexes and the Fish Migration River will also be improved, allowing visitors to experience these special locations in the best possible way. Other new projects could make Kornwerderzand even more appealing: a new lock for large ships and yachts, and innovative power generation in the discharge sluices.



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