Off Grid Test Centre

De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk is developing a test center at Den Oever, where independent sustainable energy networks are tested – the so-called Off-Grid Energy Systems. These systems are fully self-sustainable. They sustainably generate power and can store and use this energy. This way, no connection to the public power grid is necessary.


What is it? 

Off Grid Test Centre (OGTC)

The Off Grid Test Centre will be a research location where joint research will take place and where various systems will be tested. Four sustainable energy technologies; wind, solar, hydroelectric and storage, will be the power sources which the OGTC will test and research. The OGTC combines these sources to form sustainable and reliable systems for consumers. The goal is to develop sustainable, independently functioning and affordable alternatives for a series of different applications, such as islands and remote areas (globally, but also domestically, such as e.g. Texel and the Afsluitdijk Monument).

The system

The Off Grid Test Centre consists of different components which together form a sustainable, independent energy system;

  1. Three hydroelectric turbines, which are placed in a drainage sluice in the first sluice complex in Den Oever.
  2. A 50-kW wind turbine.
  3. A solar panel field with an approximate output of 100 kW.
  4. Storage systems for the storage of sustainably generated electricity.
  5. A (bio)diesel generator, serving as a back-up power source.

The “power generators” are connected to a battery pack, comparable to a huge battery. Through a converter, this electricity storage is then connected to the public power grid. The various components are also connected by means of data and electricity cables. In order to exchange power with the public power grid, the existing connection, to which the Tocardo turbines in the sluice complex in Den Oever are now connected, is used.

The site in Den Oever is used for research and education, but definitely also serves as an international trademark for the expertise of the companies involved.