Increased sluice capacity

The Afsluitdijk fulfils a key role in the water level management of the IJsselmeer. For years the water was drained to the Wadden Sea via discharge sluices. Now that the capacity of these discharge sluices has turned out to be insufficient, we will be installing pumps in them.


What is it?

Installing large pumps in part of the weepholes of the existing sluice complex at Den Oever allows us to remove more water from the IJsselmeer to the Wadden Sea. These pumps can be installed in different ways, for example, by installing fixed pumps in the weepholes or installing pumps that can be lifted out. Just like for the dam, we let the contractor use his or her knowledge to find the best way. This means that the exact design is still a surprise.

Schematic representation of a pump in a discharge sluice.



This project is part of Rijkswaterstaat.