Den Oever fish passage

The Afsluitdijk is a huge barrier for fish. An initial step to help the fish is the construction of a fish passage at Den Oever. Rijkswaterstaat is also applying fish-friendly lock management, giving fish even more of a chance to pass the Afsluitdijk.


What is it?

Rijkswaterstaat (Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management) is building a fish passage on the western side of the navigation lock at Den Oever. A fish passage is a tube through the dam for fish to swim through. The tube can be sealed off, but when it is open, fish can swim from the Wadden Sea to the IJsselmeer. The fish passage is one of the measures aimed at opening up the Afsluitdijk for fish. We use the locksto help the fish swim from the Wadden Sea to the IJsselmeer and back. The Nieuwe Afsluitdijk project/programme is also looking into the options for constructing a Fish Migration River at Kornwerderzand.



This project is part of Rijkswaterstaat.