Do you have a question about the website or about one of the projects? Or do you have a comment or complaint? Please let us know.

Questions or comments about the strengthening of the Afsluitdijk or increasing the drain capacity you can directly point to the Rijkswaterstaat. Questions or comments about the regional ambitions, you can turn to De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk.

Below you can find our contact details.


Visiting address:
Zuiderwagenplein 2
8200 AP Lelystad

Telephone number: 0031 88-797 11 11

Postal address:
Postbus 600
8200 AP Lelystad

Programme Office De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk

Visiting address:
Sluisweg 1a
8752 TR Kornwerderzand

Telephone number: 003158-293 5820

Postal address:
Postbus 20120
8900 HM Leeuwarden